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We offer free legal advice on social media. We regularly provide tips for people trying to handle their case alone. If you need an attorney to represent you, ALI AWAD LAW is here to help. Contact us, now: 833-ALI-AWAD.

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“Everyone at Ali Awad Law Firm is professional, fast, and efficient couldn’t ask for a better team!!!! Will refer anyone who could use a lawyers help with an auto accident!”

“Great communication, treated us like family & not just a customer.”

“All the staff I’ve spoken to so far were very kind and courteous!”


One of the best attorney’s in Georgia.
Extremely well read and effective individual.
Goes above and beyond for the community and those that have gotten into in a bad predicament on the roads. Ensuring you receive the outcome you deserve. Check out the whole firm.

Sulma K.

Not only is Ali an excellent, knowledgeable attorney with unparalleled business acumen, but he is also a great person! He does not gate keep regarding his astronomical success and often creates seminars & holds conferences to give other attorneys a roadmap for their own success. Should I ever require a personal injury lawyer, Ali's firm is the first I would go to and would refer family and friends to do the same.

Vicky sledd

Ali was the best . I couldn't of asked for a better person to help me. He was so sincere. He walked me through each and every Lil step. We talked for a good hr if not longer. Just to make sure we went over everything. I can't thank him enough.

Olla Ahmed

So ironic that the 1 star reviews aren’t even living in America but are from Zionzeft living in Israehell smh! Keep doing your thing brother and may Allah grant you more success and prosperity amen!