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J&Y Law is a dedicated personal injury law firm. It has a strong tradition of getting great results. It does this by skillfully and aggressively representing our clients. We are headquartered in Los Angeles and serve all of California. We focus on providing you with a personal injury attorney. They can offer experienced protection and representation.

We help individuals who have had the misfortune of being in a personal injury accident or assault. Our injury attorneys are proud of being efficient. They can provide high-quality legal services at low prices. We handle car, truck, bike, and motorcycle accidents. We also take any case where an innocent party was injured.

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“I typically don’t leave reviews, but my experience with J&Y Law was nothing short of incredible. In 2019, I was involved in a terrifying traffic accident with a semi-truck. The truck sideswiped my vehicle, dragging it for a block before speeding away, leaving me traumatized and in immense pain. Fortunately, a witness followed the truck and noted down its license plate, which eventually led to identifying the truck driver.”

“God bless you heart you’re family and your wonderful Business helping people.”

“Excellent Job , rook care of all the work and got a settlement fast and easy.”


It was unfortunate when I was rear ended while stopped at a red light. A co-worker recommended J &Y Law Injury and Accident Attorneys. He said that they were the firm who had handled his case and he was extremely satisfied with the outcome.
I could not have been put in better hands.

I would like to congratulate J&Y Law Injury and Accident Attorneys for having such an amazing and professional staff, particularly, my case manager, Edgar Andrade, who has been a godsend to me.

Edgar is extremely knowledgeable in his field. He is courteous, professional and a pleasure to work with. He pursues issues diligently, maintains lines of communication open and gives me the most current information on my case in a very timely manner. He has earned my trust and I am thankful to have him handling my case. His attention to detail and recall is amazing. Edgar has provided my with the peace of mind I need to continue focusing on my medical appointments and recovery from the injuries.

The case is still on-going, but I thought I'd share my experience and satisfaction with Edgar's dedication and commitment to meet my needs, thus far. Thank you Edgar, you ARE the BEST!

Edgar Iniguez

Thank you J&Y Law team for assisting my daughter and I through this unpleasant event in our life. We received prompt medical treatment which really helped my daughter and I recover from our injuries. Ana Fajardo was amazing in helping us finalize this case.

Jess Levy

Thank you Christian for all of your capabilities and organized management approach. Your efforts to make everything smooth and perfected hasn’t gone unnoticed. You’re a brilliant asset and appreciated.

Noemi Cueva

Oscar was great at helping me with my case. He definitely helped me more than previous case workers I had. He always kept me updated and always made sure to answer my messages or any questions I had. Thank you Oscar I appreciate you so much!