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The Rafi Law Firm is a full service for personal injury. It helps those injured in all types of personal injury cases. If you need a lawyer for your car accident or truck accident, or for security negligence or wrongful death, please contact us. We will meet with you for a free case evaluation.

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“The team at Rafi Law firm is world class and delivers on their word. They are deservedly the go-to firm for Atlanta truck crash cases.”

“I wish I can give this Law firm, staff, and doctor’s, 10 Star’s.”

“I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of quality legal services.”

John dong

After being involved in a car accident, I turned to Rafi Law Firm for guidance. Their team was incredibly supportive, offering clear advice and swift action. Their dedication not only brought peace to my life but also resulted in a satisfactory settlement. I highly recommend their services to anyone facing personal injuries.

Nicholas Cicchetti

I hardly ever write reviews, but I just had to this time because of how great Rafi Law Firm was. They took care of everything for me and even got me a way bigger settlement than I thought I'd get. Mike Rafi and Chris Stokes were amazing. They really know what they're doing and they helped me a lot. I really want to tell everyone how good they are. If you need a lawyer, these are the people to see. A huge thanks to everyone at Rafi Law Firm!

Lisa McCoy

I recently received outstanding service from Rafi Law Firm in Atlanta after my car accident. Mike and Rachel were incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and maintained excellent communication throughout my case. Their expertise made a challenging situation much more manageable. I highly recommend Rafi Law Firm for their professionalism and exceptional client care.

Kirk Sipe

My experience with them as a shooting victim was life-changing. The legal team's dedication and empathy towards my situation were evident from our first meeting. They fought tirelessly to secure the compensation I needed for my long recovery ahead. Their support made a significant difference in my life, and I cannot thank them enough.