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10440 N Central Expy #400, Dallas, TX 75231, United States

Witherite Law Group is a personal injury law firm. It is in Dallas, Texas. The firm specializes in car and truck accidents. Our team of lawyers is here to keep your life running after an accident. Contact our team for a free consultation by calling 1-800-TruckWreck or 1-800-CarWreck. Our intake specialists are available 24/7 and you don’t pay unless you win, which means no upfront fees.

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“I hired this lawyer to handle a car wreck for me. Attorney Kris Heald handled the case and walked me through all the steps. He settled the case and I was very satisfied. I would definitely recommend him to my friends.”

“Great place to work love the energy and welcoming vibes”

“I got regular calls just checking on my pregnancy & how therapy was going.”

Jonathan Gonzalez

I had the fortunate ability to work with Attorney Miguel for my case with Witherite Law Group. He was absolutely fantastic to work with throughout the case. He was quick to respond to my questions and concerns and provided me updates the moment it became available. The communication was what really ensured me that I was in good hands. He went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations. I was pleased to work with him and I am happy to be able to share my experience with working with him and the Witherite team. I can ensure that you will be well taken care of with working with both Attorney Miguel and Witherite Law Group. Thank you!

Deborah Lowe

I Recommend Witherite Law Group 100%. If myself or my family or friends ever need Legal assistance I will recommend them to this firm again 100%. I TRUST them. They were truly concerned about my best interest. I never realized how much Time and effort they put in to my case. I had never been through a Legal matter. They arranged, travel and reach out to me to make sure I got home safe. They kept me informed, and I knew I could ask any questions about anything I didn’t understand. Walle and his team are the best!!! I so happy with my choice!! Deborah Lowe

Pamela Howard

I'm a commercial truck driver, and it hard to find attorneys to protect and defend us, or they just aren't equipped to handle all of the different challenges involved. But I took a chance and called Amy because I wanted to see just how good they really are....... Well, they are great and quick to get you professional medical attention .
Communication is key, and they are constantly updating and checking on you. Thank you 😊

Don Ledbetter

The total experience was beyond what we expected or imagined. The entire Witherite team were accessible, helpful and friendly. Job was exception and we received a very favorable settlement. We highly recommend Witherite.