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Lamborghini joins the sporting equipment industry with padel rackets first.

The BL001 models will be available in five Lamborghini colors and will be produced in collaboration with Babolat on two other racquets, BL002 and BL003.Babolat and Lamborghini are collaborating to create padel racquets, BL001, in collaboration with the same factory that produces Raging Bull vehicles and SUVs.

Automakers have delighted in linking their brands to some of the world’s most esteemed athletic events from the dawn of time. The obvious choice for them was to enter vehicle races, albeit a few of them also take part in less thrilling contests. That’s why we see them supporting football and soccer as well as winter sports like golf and tennis.

But financially sponsoring these sports is one thing; actually assisting them in need is quite another. A journey that hasn’t been taken by many throughout the years, but Lamborghini alone seems keen to go.

What percentage of you have used padel racquets? It’s a gadget for padel, which is kind of like the upscale cousin of regular tennis, in my opinion. There are variances in how it is played, including the tools utilized, despite the same rules and scoring system. For instance, a ball can still be played after it strikes the walls encircling the court, if you can believe that.

Starting in Mexico in the late 1960s, the sport soon acquired popularity and grew to become a $2 billion yearly business today. And with that knowledge in mind, Lamborghini’s participation makes some sense.

The Italian carmaker said this week that it will now manufacture padel racquets for athletes all around the world. Despite having no prior expertise in the tennis, badminton, or padel gear industries, it partnered with Babolat, one of the most prestigious companies in the field (founded in 1875).

The two companies worked together to develop BL001, a joint product that will be produced in the same Sant’Agata, Bolognese factory that makes Raging Bull vehicles and SUVs and will take advantage of Lambo’s competence in carbon fiber fabrication.

Because there aren’t many alternatives, there aren’t many design distinctions between it and other padel racquets. On the other hand, the frame’s construction may have been influenced by the chassis design of the super sports cars.

Lamborghini claims that the remarkable rigidity of the peripheral monocoque framea feature that distinguishes these racquestshas optimized the deformation of the striking zone. In order to allow the player’s hand to make direct contact with the handle and affect the ball’s force and velocity, it reaches into it.

Babolat and Lamborghini will only make 50 BL001 vehicles; the price range is still unknown. For the racquets, Lamborghini will provide five colors: Giallo Auge, Verde Viper, Arancio Livrea, Viola Pasifae, and Verde Gea.

The two companies will work together on two more racquets in the future years; they’ve already been given the names BL002 and BL003. However, Babolat will produce these in Spain.