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Why Former world no.1 was so unimpressed with the umpire of the Alcaraz vs Zverev final

Andy Roddick criticizes lack of replay technology and umpire decisions in the French Open final between Alcaraz and Zverev.

Andy Roddick expressed strong discontent over the umpiring during the 2024 French Open final between Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev. Alcaraz triumphed 6-3, 2-6, 5-7, 6-1, 6-2, securing his third major title and first at Roland Garros. However, a critical moment in the match drew criticism from Roddick.

During the fifth set, with Alcaraz leading 2-1 and facing 15-40 on his serve, his second serve was called out by the linesman but was overruled by the chair umpire. Had the call stood, Zverev would have broken back to level the score at 2-2. This decision did not sit well with Roddick, who believed Zverev was correct about the mark on the court.

“Players normally right. Shotspot showed Zverev saw mark correct way ……. Cant replace real life playing reps when reading marks correctly. Good riddance to these umpires trying. Bring in the machines full time,” Roddick wrote on X.

Roddick has consistently voiced his support for technological assistance in tennis. He reiterated this stance during the semifinals when Casper Ruud faced Zverev. He pointed out the discrepancy in experience between players and umpires regarding reading marks on the court.

“An umpire explaining to a player how a ball travels and how to read a mark is always laughable to me. Most tour umpires have barely played. Can’t replace a lifetime of up close reps,” he commented.

Roddick also criticized the lack of access to TV replays for players and umpires. He found it unreasonable that viewers at home had access to replay technology, but the officials and players on the court did not. He agreed with a fan’s comment on the matter, stating:

“Players and umpires should have access to the TV replays? Why me, as someone who watches the match on TV, the network can show me the call was good or bad but the people on the ground don’t have access to it,” the fan wrote. Roddick replied, “Yes. Agree fully.”

Another fan questioned why the available technology did not overrule the umpire’s incorrect call. Roddick clarified that the French Open had decided not to use the technology on court until next year.

“Because they don’t use the technology on court till next year. Decision made by French Open. And a dumb one,” Roddick replied.

Roddick’s comments highlight a broader debate within the tennis community about the need for more consistent and reliable use of technology to assist with officiating, ensuring fairness and accuracy in crucial match moments.

Carlos Alcaraz in 2024

Ranked no.2, Alcaraz played his last match on the 9th of June when he defeated world no.4 Alexander Zverev 6-3 2-6 5-7 6-1 6-2 in the final of the French Open to win his 15th career title.

At present, during this year Carlos achieved a composed 25-5 win-loss record. Carlos conquered 2 titles in 2024 in Indian Wells and French Open.

Andrey Rublev in 2024

Now the world no.6, the Russian played his last match on the 31st of May when he lost to world no.34 Matteo Arnaldi 7-6(6) 6-2 6-4 in the 3rd round of the French Open (draw).

At the moment, during this season the Russian has achieved a 24-10 match record. The Russian has won 2 titles in 2024 in Hong Kong and Madrid.

Rublev has scheduled to compete next in Halle (Terra Wortmann Open). He will start from the main draw that will commence on the 17th of June.

Carlos Alcaraz and Andrey Rublev squared off only twice. Their current head to head is 1-1. Before, the last time they locked horns, Andrey Rublev won 4-6 6-3 6-2 in the quarter in Madrid (Mutua Madrid Open) on the 1st of May 2024.

In the following video you can watch the key moments of their match.